Choosing a Theme for Your House

With so many themes out there, it is nearly impossible to choose just one for your house. We would however recommend sticking to only one main theme for the house with slight variations running through every room. We have seen houses that are decked out in multiple themes such as nautical, Balinese and modern all in one which left much to be desired.

General rule

The rule of thumb when deciding on a theme is to choose one that appeals to your entire family. You don’t need to worry about seeking the opinion of others if you are staying alone of course. Otherwise, it is necessary to discuss with everyone who will be staying in the house.

Once you have decided on a theme that is suitable for everyone, limit yourself to 3 items or material per room. This can be things like an object, wall color or rug. This way, the theme will look integrated within the room without being just too much and gaudy looking. Just keep it simple and you should do just fine.

nautical-theme-bedroomGo for authentic items

When decorating your house, go for authentic items. Whatever you do, do not get fake objects from the dollar shop to incorporate in your room. For example, if you are going for a nautical theme, pick some seashells from the beach or go to the pier to grab some real nautical ropes. Don’t just get those cheap plastic seashells to throw on your mantelpiece or display area. Nothing ruins a theme faster than that.

megfrzser-hand-painted-dresser-on-etsyIncorporate hand painted art

Another great way to bring the theme to life in your home is to include art which fits the theme. It is impossible to find art pieces for every room at the same time though. Therefore, do not be stressed and let your collection grow naturally over time. Just keep an eye out for beautiful hand painted art when you travel, visit art fairs or your local flea market. You will be surprised with just how many hidden treasures are out there. Remember to only buy art which truly resonates with you and not only because they will fit your theme.

Add greenery

Nature is best when it comes to additional decoration. To fill up a room, simply throw in fresh plants, flowers or terrariums. Not only will it lift the theme. It will also breathe fresh life and provide fresh air in your home. Any natural object is better than store bought, mass produced ones.

Include items from your travels

Many gorgeous homes incorporate one or two items from the homeowner’s travels. These pieces do not have to be loud and brash. Just a simple fan from Japan or mug from Paris is enough to lift the space and keep the theme alive. Carefully select the items that you want to display and restrain yourself from just dumping everything from your travels on the mantelpiece. This will make your home cluttered and messy. For further inspiration, check out websites like Pinterest or home décor magazines. You can find inspiration from beautiful pictures there.

There you have it! Simple rules to guide you when you are choosing a theme for your home. At the end of the day, bear in mind that there is no right or wrong answer. What is most important is that you create a living space that you and your family can enjoy and be proud of. Themes are fluid and you should always feel free to change things up when you get bored. Simple tweaks can do wonders.