Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life With The Right Mattress In Your Bedroom

The bedroom mattress is simply the most important piece of furniture in any bedrooms. Having the right mattress can mean the difference between falling soundly asleep and tossing and turning in bed for hours every night in bed. Having trouble falling asleep? No worries, you’re not alone. It could very well have to do with your pillow or mattress rather than a psychological cause, experts say. A simple question to ask yourself would be whether you feel any aches whatsoever when getting out of bed in the morning. Neck aches are common among those who are not having the ideal sleep at night due to certain mattress deficiencies such as comfort, support, heat distribution or even the size.


Having improper heat distribution might sound foreign to most people, but it’s in fact one of the biggest and most important factors that will affect how well you sleep at night. Generally, the tougher or denser a mattress is, the less absorbent the mattress will be and heat will not be properly displaced to ensure greater comfort at night. If you wake up often with night sweats, that could be a sign that your mattress does not have sufficient ventilation for your body. Our body temperature tends to fall a couple of degrees while we sleep at night, but there are those whose core body temperatures actually rise up as they fall asleep. This means that the usual mattress types will be entirely unsuitable for the latter since they’ll need much higher levels of heat displacement properties when it comes to their mattresses.

As for mattress sizes, if you have enough space in your room, try getting a good king size mattress instead. The bigger your mattress, the more space you have to roll about without the worry of falling off of it. This can affect your sleep more than you think. For king size mattresses, we personally think this is the best mattress choice. There’s also a super king or California king size mattress available but those are simply overkill. Even if you’re 6 ft tall and you’re sharing a bed with your partner, a king mattress is likely more than enough.

Also, the stiffer a mattress is, the more pressure it exerts back onto your body as you lay on it. Thus, it’s very important that you find the right sleeping position and surface to sleep on. If a mattress isn’t too hard, you shouldn’t feel the need to change positions often at night. This can not only lead to a better and more restful night, but your nerves and blood circulation will not be impeded as well. Sleeping in the right position at night can do wonders for your health.

Fragmented sleep at night is one of the main reasons why people wake up feeling groggy and tired in the morning. That shouldn’t happen at all, even with just 6-7 hours of sleep. To test a mattress properly, try resting on it in a still position for 3 minutes. If you can do that without feeling any form of discomfort or any need to roll about, then it’s likely an ideal mattress for you.

motion-transfer-on-mattress-surfaceMotion transfer is another factor to consider when purchasing a mattress. Most mattresses come in a single slab and because of this, any motion from one side of the bed can easily be felt by the other side. This can be a problem for couples since any sleep disturbance experienced by one of them will also cause the sleep of the other to be disturbed due to the shared bed motion. If this is the case, you’ll also be woken up by your partner when he or she wakes up to go to the bathroom and when he or she climbs back into bed. To reduce this occurrence, you’ll want to select a mattress that has reduced or no motion transfer whatsoever. This is possible if the mattress is made out of a heavier type of material like heavy foam or memory foam, as they call it.